Man Hospitalized After Waiting 10 Days For Date to Show Up

They say true loves waits — and one man who went looking for it online seemingly took that to heart.

Alexander Pieter Cirk was due to arrive back home in Holland Tuesday after reportedly spending 10 days at a Chinese airport in a failed bid to meet a woman he'd fallen for on a dating app.

Apparently frustrated by the time and distance separating the couple, the 41-year-old decided to demonstrate his affection by applying for a visa and flying around 5,000 miles to visit her.

Prior to his July 17 departure, Cirk reportedly sent the 26-year-old woman a picture of his flight details.

But thousands of miles and hours later when he landed in the Chinese city of Changsha, there was no sign of his online love.

Convinced that she would eventually come for him, Cirk decided to stay at the terminal and patiently waited for her.

Photos of him lounging around and wandering through Changsha Huanghua International Airport soon began to circulate on Chinese social media. Local news reports followed.

After 10 days, authorities reportedly took a frail-looking Cirk to a local hospital for treatment.

NBC News

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