Math Problem: Powerball Meme That Went Viral Is Wrong

A photo that shows the math of the Powerball winnings divided by the population of the United States went viral earlier today but people soon realized this math was wrong. 

The image appears to have gone viral after a Facebook user named Livesosa, an Arkansas-based musician, posted the meme on their page.

The picture reads:

Powerball 1.3 Billion/ U.S. Pop 300 Million = Everyone receives 4.33 mil

Poverty Solved! - Philipe Andolini

Since the posting, Livesosa updated a new photo with the same text over a picture of Steve Harvey captioned: "Hope I gave the world a good chuckle this am! Stay positive my people."

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Hope I gave the world a good chuckle this am! Stay positive my people. Pandora: Livesosa

Posted by Livesosa on Monday, January 11, 2016

If the Powerball winnings were to be divided across the United States, each person would receive $4.33. (Note: $1.3 billion divided by 300 million = 4.33)

There is still no winner for the ever-increasing Powerball jackpot that is now at $1.5 billion. But there's a lot to know about the winnings if you were to hit the big jackpot.

Some people have made parody images of the original post:
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