MBTA Transit Police Seek Man Who Took Dead Woman’s Phone

Police say he could have tried to get help, or even used the phone to call someone, instead they say what this man did is the lowest of the low, and they want your help to find him.

"He saw a traumatic event happen. He saw someone get hit by a train and the first thing that he thinks of is to pick up a phone," said Todd Mitchell.

After the unthinkable, the unspeakable.

"I just find it very sick, but hopefully she's resting in peace right now," said Michael Evans.

"It doesn't seem like a realistic thing," said Kaela Holmes.

T riders are unable to wrap their heads around what transit police call a reprehensible crime, that they are sure was no accident.

"Absolutely. Apparently yes, but absolutely," said Interim Transit Police Chief Kenneth Green.

Thursday before 10 p.m., a 26-year-old woman was struck and killed by an oncoming red line train at the busy Downtown Crossing station.

No foul play is suspected.

Moments later, the man who police say witnessed it happen, put his foot on the woman's cell phone, that landed on the platform after the impact from the train.

He put his hands to his face in what officers say was feigned alarm, looked left, looked right, bent down, tucked the phone in his pocket, and took off.

The court of public opinion's judgment has been swift and decisive.

"The guy just sounds like a scumbag. He should have called for help or called 911 at least," said Andrew Murray.

"Why would he steal that lady's phone. Probably come back to haunt you, some people don't think about that stuff," said Fray Silvestre.

Police say the suspect turned himself in at MBTA police headquarters Friday night.

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