Montgomery County Man, Down on His Luck, Searching for Good Samaritan

Mike Snyder admits having more bad days than good recently. Thursday, his emotions got the best of him.

But after a random act of kindness, Snyder reached out to NBC Philadelphia in hopes of figure out who the anonymous person is to thank them for making him feel better about himself.

The Pennsylvania man says he was sitting in his work van in the parking lot of the Whole Foods in Wynnewood when he broke down and cried.

Snyder lost track of time and says he was in the car for a while crying.

After getting himself together, Snyder went into the store to make a delivery.

When he returned to his van, Snyder found a note, and candy bar on his windshield.

The note, handwritten on a Whole Foods napkin, said:

“I hope your day gets better.”

Snyder, who'd been feeling down on his luck and alone, says this act of kindness from a stranger made him feel loved. He says it made him feel better knowing there are still "nice kindhearted people out there."

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