“Modern Family” Stars Get Stuck in Elevator, Funny Vine Video Ensues


Getting trapped in an elevator can be fun if the marooned are in the company of stars from the show "Modern Family."

Julie Bowen, Eric Stonestreet and Jesse Tyler Ferguson were stuck in a Kansas City, Mo., hotel elevator on Friday for almost an hour when they took to social media with funny quips to communicate with the outside world. They even enlisted the help of other passengers to record a few videos on Twitter's mobile video app Vine.

"Finally made it out of the stuck elevator at the one hour mark," Ferguson wrote on Twitter. "At least the firemen in K.C. are cute."

Stonestreet jumped in the fray with the elevator humor.

"I honestly handled being stuck in an elevator for 50 min better than I thought," he said on Twitter. "All Jesse Tyler did was pass wind."

The Kansas City Fire Department came to the rescue and worked their way down from the 40th floor to the third floor to free the trapped passengers.

The trio were on their way to a charity event for the Boys and Girls Club in the city, which is Stonestreet's hometown. The stars were slated to appear on stage at 9 p.m., but were delayed until 10 p.m when they were freed, according to the Kansas City Star.

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