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'She Needs to Shut Up': Lee Daniels Slams Mo'Nique for Blackball Claim In Ongoing Feud

Not one to let anyone else have the last word, Mo'Nique took to social media to respond to Daniels suggestion she keep quiet

This is one Hollywood feud that shows no sign of winding down.

Over the past several years Golden Globe and Academy Award winner Mo’Nique  has made no secret of the fact that she believes director Lee Daniels, who hired her for her Oscar winning role in "Precious," subsequently blackballed her for not promoting the film after completion. The actress has also leveled similar claims at Oprah Winfrey and Tyler Perry, both of whom who were producers on the 2009 film.

Earlier this week Daniels finally had enough. Responding during an appearance on “Raq Rants” on TMZ he told the interviewer Mo’Nique was not blackballed by anyone but herself.

"I fought hard for her to get that job. I wanted her to get that job. And she was paid her money," Daniels said. "She was paid the money for the budget that we had. And for her to badmouth myself—and Tyler and Oprah—is disrespectful and it’s wrong. She’s wrong. She’s out of pocket. She’s really wrong."

Daniels added,  "It breaks my heart that she feels that we blackballed her. No one blackballed her. Mo'Nique blackballed her."

During a comedy show last year, Mo'Nique railed again against Daniels, Perry and Winfrey. She recently also planned a boycott against Netflix for alleged sexism and racism.

Not one to let anyone else have the last word, Mo'Nique took to social media to respond to Daniels' suggestion she keep quiet.

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