Myth of ‘Pharaoh's Curse' Dismissed as Egypt Parades Ancient Mummies

'There's no curse at all,' Egyptian archaeologist Zahi Hawass told NBC News

Egypt's Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities

Some are blaming the "curse of the pharaohs" for a string of unfortunate incidents in Egypt in recent weeks, including the giant ship that blocked the Suez Canal for about a week until it was freed Monday, NBC News reports.

But many were nonetheless expected to turn on their TVs for the grand parade of 22 ancient Egyptian royal mummies as they were transferred across the capital, Cairo, on Saturday. Officials urged people to stay off the streets because of coronavirus restrictions.

Authorities shut down roads along the Nile for the elaborate royal procession dubbed the Golden Parade, designed to drum up interest in the north African country's rich collections of antiquities when tourism has almost entirely stalled because of the coronavirus pandemic.

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