Audrina Patridge's Mom Sorry for Profane “DWTS” Rant

OMG – Mom!

The mother of Audrina Patridge apologized Friday for being caught on tape in an expletive-fueled rant, a day after her daughter was cut from “Dancing with the Stars.”

"I was extremely emotional after her elimination – it just came as such a shock," Lynn Patridge told People. "I want to apologize for offending anyone."

Audrina had nothing but nice things to say about her "Dancing" experience and even scored a new reality show moments after learning her fate.

Her mom’s reaction was something else entirely.

In the paparazzi video shot outside the L.A. hotspot Beso Wednesday, Lynn Patridge was shown unleashing a flurry of f-bombs in extolling her daughter’s greatness, while dissing Audrina’s former co-stars from MTV’s “The Hills.”

“Audrina is going to f––ing rise. And She's got class ... She's a Polish, Catholic, f––ing full-on Italian," Lynn Patridge said while smoking a cigarette curbside. “Not only that, she was raised right.”

Patridge admitted she’d had “three glasses of wine” and was acting “feisty,” and was shown rebuffing a friend’s attempts at drawing her back inside Beso.

“I ain’t scared of paparazzis,” she told the shutterbug for Hollywood.TV, who then protested that he preferred to be called a “celebrity photojournalist.”

Patridge acknowledged her daughter will likely “be pissed” at her for speaking out.

"I've been a celebrity mom for eight years through this Hills bull– but Audrina is going to the next level,” she said.

Patridge went on to dismiss her daughter’s former castmates as “tramps,” and call Lauren Conrad a “pissy little fashion s–.”

On Friday, Patridge said her insults came being “in the heat of the moment.”

“As a mother, there is no pain in this world like seeing your children upset,” she told People.

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