Counter Intelligence: Putin on a Gun Show

Russian PM tries to bolster tough-guy image

See why Putin is baring his chest (again) and take a look at our list of must-reads that will have you chatting at the lunch counter, over IM or wherever it is that people actually talk these days.

Russian prime minister Vladimir Putin spent a summer vacay in southern Siberia where he swam, climbed trees and rode a horse bareback. A photographer was there to capture every fun-filled, staged moment -- many of which featured the fearless leader bare-chested. Natch. The photos appear to be the latest in a series of stunts aimed at bolstering tough guy image. They certainly are something.

 The NFL logo will soon appear on toilet paper. Procter & Gamble inked a deal with the league to slap the NFL logo on its toiletries and name them "Official Locker Room Product of the NFL." Everything from Old Spice to Dawn dish soap will be branded with the insignia. The $10 million deal also includes Charmin toilet paper.Fun!

T-Rex ate babies. The massive dinosaur would seek out the youngest prey they could find so they could swallow their food whole, researchers say. Baby-eating was apparenly really common among carnivorous dinos, which can be evidenced by the few young dinosaur remains that have been found, experts say.

A website suggests times during a movie when you can use the bathroom without missing out on the plotline. The site tips off users that minute 33 is the best time to take a break during "Harry Potter and the  Half-Blood Prince," for example. It even provides the proper outcue. You can click on a synopsis of the scenes missed during the break, which unscrambles in the minutes following.

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