First Read: Sandy Response a Political High-Wire Act

The beginning of the recovery from Sandy is a true high-wire act for President Barack Obama and his administration, but also poses challenges for Mitt Romney, NBC’s First Read team writes. With the government aiming for the recovery and relief go as fast as possible, it’s likely that every hiccup will be amplified – a political danger for Obama in the closing days of the presidential contest. But the president benefits from commanding the bully pulpit and has a job to do. Mitt Romney has his own challenge: he can’t look overtly political, First Read writes. That’s why a planned campaign rally in Ohio Tuesday was being referred to a Sandy relief event. Republican pollster and strategist Mike McKenna told the AP that the storm “stops the campaign more or less dead in its tracks.” He said the pause “always helps the guys on defense. It helps the Obama guys catch their breath a little bit and think about what to do next."

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