Fox, Time Warner Still at Table

Football fans, never fear: you'll likely get your games. At least today.

Fox television briefly extended talks with Time Warner into the first day of 2010, giving itself more time to negotiate with the cable conglomerate before yanking subscribers' access to its programming, The Associated Press reported early Friday.

The deadline extension means Time Warner subscribers will likely get to watch the big-time BCS Sugar Bowl showdown between the Florida Gators and the Cincinnati Bearcats, according to the AP.

All Fox programming, including Saturday's Cotton Bowl, is at risk to be pulled from Time Warner TVs unless Fox agrees to new contract fees, being negotiated in the overnight talks.

Fox also holds the rights to the NFL's Sunday NFC package.

The original contract deadline was midnight on the evening of Dec. 31; Fox previously threatened a blackout that would prevent Time Warner viewers from accessing its networks unless the deadline was met.

Giant media mogul Fox owns 14 TV stations, which could've been inaccessible to Time Warner's 6 million customers.

Talks between the two media powerhouses are ongoing.

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