“Hangover 2” Studio Inks a Deal with Tattoo Artist

The Tyson tat will stay put when “The Hangover Part II” is released on DVD.

Warner Bros. settled Monday with the tattoo artist who accused the “Hangover” studio of copyright infringement for using the facial art design he had created for Mike Tyson in the film without permission, E! News reported.

Artist S. Victor Whitmill had said the studio erred by using the image he created for Tyson on actor Ed Helms' face. While he failed to persuade a judge to block the "Hangover 2's" debut in theaters back in May, Whitmill's lawsuit was allowed to proceed.

With a trial set for Feb. 21, Warner Bros. said earlier this month it planned to digitally alter the offending design on Ed Helms character’s face ahead of “The Hangover 2’s” DVD release. Now it seems both sides have found a way to save face.

"Warner Bros. and Whitmill have amicable resolved their dispute. No other information will be provided," Whitmill's lawyer, Geoff Gerber, said in a joint statement with the studio, E! reported.

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