Heart Problems, Not Crash Killed “Macho Man”

“Macho Man” Randy Savage died from heart disease, not from injuries sustained in a Florida car crash, authorities have concluded.

The 58-year-old pro-wrestling legend’s autopsy confirmed that Savage suffered a heart attack or sudden cardiac death before losing control of his Jeep Wrangler and slamming into a tree in Seminole on May 20, according to reports.

Barbara Poffo, was in the Jeep at the time and suffered minor injuries, police said at the time.

A toxicology report showed Savage, born Randy Mario Poffo, had traces of caffeine, acetaminophen, dihydrocodeine and hydrocodone and doxylamine in his system.

Savage’s levels of hydrocodone, which is found in cough syrups, did not indicate abuse, E! News reported. His blood alcohol level was also well below the legal limit, according to E!

Savage was one of the World Wrestling Federation's biggest stars during the 1980s, and was known for his garish outfits and "diving elbow drop." He went on to use his catch phrase, “Ooh, Yeah,” in a string of memorable commercials for Slim Jim jerky sticks.

"He had so much life in his eyes & in his spirit, I just pray that he's happy and in a better place and we miss him," fellow wrestler Hulk Hogan tweeted after Savage’s death.

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