Joan Rivers Is Quitting Botox, For Now

"Betty White's bowels move more than my face," she cracked

Even Joan Rivers knows that when it comes to Botox, you can have too much of as a good thing.

The plastic surgery-happy comedienne showed up on the "Today" show Tuesday to promote her new book "I Hate Everyone… Starting with Me" and dropped a bomb on Kathie Lee and Hoda:

Joan is quitting Botox!

For now, that is. Why?

"Because Betty White's bowels move more than my face," she cracked.

"You could say to me anything. I'd go, 'Uh-huh.' My birthday, I couldn't blow out the candles on the cake!" she said.

Joan's face might not be getting any more shots of the botulinum toxin for a while, but her barbs were as sharp as ever. Asked about aging, she said the worst of it was the men.

"A guy gave me a hickey, left his teeth in my neck," she said.

She also quibbled with Paris Hilton's gripe that Kim Kardashian had ripped off her schtick. "How can you steal a rash?" she shrugged.

Check out some of Joan's choicer barbs below.

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