Joe Jonas Stopped at Airport for Carrying Knives in Bag

Apparently Joe Jonas isn't aware of the TSA's new screening techniques, because he might have packed a little lighter on his latest trip.

While returning to the U.S. from a trip to Abu Dhabi, the Camp Rock star was stopped for carrying a set of knives in his luggage, reports US Weekly.

Jonas' girlfriend, Twilight star Ashley Greene, was along on the trip and explained what happened. Apparently Jonas, who is an avid cook, purchased a set of cheese-cutting knives and packed them in the wrong bag.

"We were going from the Middle East to New York, so [there was] tons of security, tons of screenings," she said on the November 23 episode of Lopez Tonight. "We got through one, surprisingly enough."

However they weren't so lucky at the second checkpoint. She said the screeners "looked at us with these stern faces like, 'What's in your bag?'"

She then asked Joe if he had the knives in his bag, to which he replied, "Whoopsies!"

"Whoopsies doesn't cut it," she said, laughing. "We were going to get arrested!"

After explaining the situation, they were allowed to board the plane for home.

"It was embarrassing," Greene said.

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