Jon Stewart Would Rather Talk About Other News

The whole Anthony Weiner Scandal is getting old to the Comedy Central newshound

The Anthony Weiner scandal is becoming old news, at least where Jon Stewart is concerned.

On last night’s “Daily Show,” Stewart addressed the audience with hands folded and voice low, an intimate sit-down not unlike his post-9/11 address.

“The real challenge for a news program such as ours," (here the audience laughs. Jon raises a hand to shush them] "is not how best to indulge our most base and callow instincts, but rather how best to chose which important yet overlooked story of importance to do first.”

How to do that?

“Simple,” Stewart said as he pointed to the camera. “A little editorial authority.”

Stewart then reached under his desk and pulled out a wheel chocked full of important yet overlooked stories that the show hasn't covered since the Weiner scandal broke—"Syria," "Our 3 Wars," "Debt Ceiling," "Jon’s Tony Picks," and "Moon Nazis," to name a few—that were possible picks, selected by a toy befitting of the Weiner scandal.

But seriously, Jon, we’d love to get your take on why “The Book of Mormon” deserves the Tony for Best Musical.

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