Lady Gaga's Controversial “Judas” Video Leaked Early

Lady Gaga’s much-heralded music video “Judas” leaked on the internet several hours early.

According to the New York Daily News, the video slipped online hours before E! was slated to premier it on their network.

The video gives a more than generous nod (in typical distorted Gaga fashion) to the Bible’s 12 disciples, here portrayed as a Hell’s Angles-eque motorcycle gang.

Though perhaps not as big of a secret as the Duchess of Cambridge’s famous Alexander McQueen gown, the co-director for the music video had to keep mum about much of the video’s content.

“I was able to sit in the director’s seat and fulfill our vision and see it all the way through,” director Laurieann Gibson told MTV News. "I think the concept stuck with this one because, ultimately, there was a place where we wanted to leave the interpretation up to each individual and not take away [Gaga's] power as a performer, as a dancer, as a star.”

Gibson said the video, as well as the song, are open to interpretation, and with lyrics like “Jesus is my virtue/Judas is the demon I cling to,” there’s certainly a lot to interpret.

Watch the video below.

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