Late Night Mocks Santorum's “Snob” College Comment

Stephen Colbert knows how catastrophic HVAC vocational training can prove for religious faith

Heading into the Michigan primary, late night's comics mocked Rick Santorum for his disdain of higher education — but they got in some knocks at Mitt Romney and President Obama, too.

Jay Leno opened Monday with an acknowledgement of the hefty role that rising gas prices have taken on in politics — and the grandstanding they can allow.

"Due to the rise in the price of oil and gas, the Obama administration announced today they are considering dipping into our national strategic reelection reserves — I mean, I'm sorry, did I—? I'm sorry, I mean, strategic oil reserves! Did I say 'reelection?' I'm sorry. What a foolish mistake!"

As usual, both Leno and Stephen Colbert lampooned Rick Santorum for his arch-conservatism and Mitt Romney for his out-of-touch rich guy gaffes.

"I don't want to say Romney's a rich guy, but he kept asking the guys, 'Hey, during the race, do you drive yourselves or do you have a chauffeur?'"

He also feigned outrage at Rick Santorum's own outrage. Santorum had decried President Obama for his encouragement for higher education for all American kids — whether that mean a four-year college degree or a year of vocational training.

"Hey, this is America, where people who have no education and know no basic facts can still grow up to be governor of Alaska!" Leno remarked, by way of a snipe at one-time GOP hopeful Sarah Palin. He continued: "Reading — it's not for everybody!"

Stephen Colbert got in on the swipes at Santorum, too.

"Some of us weren't handed a ticket to Harvard by being the biracial son of a single mother on food stamps. Must be nice. Rick Santorum understands the real American dream: That if you work hard enough, your children can have fewer opportunities than you did," Colbert said.

He also invoked Santorum's claim that higher education indoctrinates students and destroys their religious faith.

"I mean, look at Rick Santorum. He has a bachelor's degree, an MBA and a law degree.  He's almost completely lost his faith. When he enrolled as a freshman at Penn State, he was a 14th century monk."

Check out the videos below.

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