Leno, Fallon Imagine Obama's Christmas Shopping

And what looks like a medical miracle could bode well for RIck Perry

President Obama caught more flak Thursday night for his recent Christmas shopping trip.

Both of NBC's late night hosts joked about his gift-buying errand, already much criticized by Republicans in Congress, to Best Buy to buy gifts for his daughters.

Jay Leno showed a doctored clip in which Obama's credit card is declined — and shows that it's $15 trillion over its limit.

Jimmy Fallon imagined the president asking the store's technical support gurus if they can fix economies.

And not about to let the GOP off the hook, either, Leno mentioned the tale of a man believed to be braindead who suddenly recovered hours before he was set to be taken off life support.

"The guy was braindead, and now he's on the road to recovery! You know what that means? There's hope for Rick Perry."

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