Levi Not Father of Ex's Child, But Engagement to Palin Still Off

The kid isn't his, but the engagement's still off.

On Friday, Us Magazine reported that Levi Johnston, the on again, off again boyfriend to Bristol Palin, had fathered a child with ex-girlfriend Lenesia Garcia.

"Point blank, it's not true at all," Garcia said in an interview with UsMagazine.com. "I don't know where people are getting this. Levi is not the father of my baby."

Garcia, who dated Johnston early in their high school careers, remains unsure of how the rumors started.

"I mean, it's stupid," she said to Us. "I'm nine months pregnant. If I wanted people to think that, I would have said something like that when I first found out. I would not say something like that now that I'm getting ready to have my baby. That doesn't make sense."

While that news exonerates Johnston from additional fatherly responsibilities, it's doesn't appear to be enough to get him back into Bristol's good graces.

Palin has reportedly broken off the recently reunited couple's engagement, according to E! Online. Remarks by a third Johnston ex, Briana Plum, caused the daughter of former vice-presidential candidate Sarah Palin, to reconsider walking down the aisle.

Garcia said that she wished Bristol didn't have to deal with the baseless accusations.

"If I could say anything to her, I would love to tell Bristol that it's not true," she said. "I'm sorry she has had to even deal with all these lies."

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