Levi Johnston to Play Thwarted Lover in Music Video

Video features a couple whose relationship is sabotaged by the young woman’s mother

So much for making amends with Mama Grizzly?

Levi Johnston is set to begin shooting a music video where he will portray a lover whose relationship is sabotaged by the gal pal’s mother, The Associated Press reported.

Johnston, 20, who recently announced his re-engagement to Bristol Palin and intention to make nice with her mom, former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin, will reportedly begin filming the music video in Los Angeles next month with singer-songwriter Brittani Senser.

According to a description of “After Love,” the video features a couple whose love is thwarted by the young woman’s mother.

“Unaware that her mom's interference forced her boyfriend to go, she ‘throws herself into her mother's arms. She tells her mother that she was wrong about Levi,’” the AP reported.

As for whether a certain former GOP vice presidential candidate might object to the role?

"I don't think we're going to be concerned about what Gov. Palin would want,” Johnston's lawyer Rex Butler told the AP. “I think that given the script, he should be able to turn in a good performance.”

Earlier this month, Johnston and Bristol Palin, 19, broke news of their engagement on the cover of Us Weekly, revealing they'd reconciled while negotiating custody details for their 18-month-old son Tripp.

Around the same time, Johnston also publicly apologized to Sarah Palin for having "lied" about her for months in the media.

Bristol Palin has said her mom is withholding her approval of the nuptials until she’s convinced Johnston has “made changes.”

Johnston's Alaska-based lawyer said Friday that the former teen dad is  “looking forward” to his acting debut.

"It will give him an opportunity to act a little bit in front of a camera,” Butler said. “He's done a commercial before, but something like this is a little more involved."

Johnston, a former high-school dropout, said this month that he plans to return to school and become an electrician. His lawyer told the AP Friday he's still interested in an acting career but would make the decision in consultation with Bristol Palin.

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