Lil Wayne Buys Wheelchair for Fan's Mom

It didn't take very long for Lil Wayne to get into the holiday spirit.

The rapper, recently released from prison last month, brightened the season for the mother of one of his biggest fans by purchasing her a brand-new wheelchair, reports the New York Daily News.

While incarcerated, the hip-hop star often received letters from Ronda Austin, 39, a fan who contacted him on an almost weekly basis. After reading her often heartfelt messages about her life and her mother, Evelyn - a 64-year-old former nurse who has been in a wheelchair for 15 years since her knees gave out - the rapper reached out to Ronda a phone call and a surprise.

Upon reaching her and inquiring about Evelyn's wheelchair, which had been damaged after she took a fall at church, Wayne said, "Don't worry about it. I got you."

Soon thereafter, Evelyn was the recipient of an $11,000 motorized wheelchair from the rapper.

"I couldn't believe it. I didn't ask for nothing," Ronda said. "I just told him all kinds of things about me. I never even said I needed help."

For her part, the elder Austin was thrilled with the gift.

"I pray for him every night thanking him for this chair," Evelyn said. "I love every bit of it. It changed my life."

The head of Wayne's charitable foundation said that the rapper was "compelled" to act.

"He wanted to buy Mrs. Austin the Maybach of wheelchairs," said Nina Packer.

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