Rihanna Rocks Out on “SNL”

Show also parodies White House crashers as Blake Lively hosts

Superstar Rihanna took to the "Saturday Night Live" stage for the first time this weekend, lighting up the sketch comedy show with performances from her new album "Rated R" and an appearance in a digital short with "SNL" star Andy Samberg.

Rihanna showed off a new, cropped blonde 'do on the stage as she performed the songs "Russian Roulette" and "Hard," which also featured Young Jeezy in a guest appearance. The singer's new album dropped in November.

A sketch with Andy Samberg starred the singer as a guest performer in an elementary school classroom who gives Samberg's character "Shy Ronnie" the opportunity to rap during her song -- but Shy Ronnie freezes up under the pressure.

The show also parodied the "White House party crashers" Tareq and Michaele Salahi, who showed up allegedly uninvited to President Obama's first state dinner and got up close and personal with the commander in chief. Rumors flew before the show that the Salahis themselves would drop in for a guest appearance.

Host Blake Lively paid homage to her "Gossip Girl" roots with a jokey nod to the show in a sketch about the Staten Island version of the program. The program also featured Lively starring in a bizarre skit about potato chip thieves inside NASA and a fake Vagisil commercial.

This was the first time on the NBC mainstay's stage for both Rihanna and Lively.

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