Sad News: “Friday” Pulled From YouTube

Who's having fun, fun, fun now?

How are people going to know what day of the week it is now?

Rebecca Black’s YouTube page now gives viewers the following greeting: “This video is no longer available due to a copyright claim by Rebecca Black. Sorry about that.”

The video generated over 167 million views, a shot at an Awards show, and a cameo in Katy Perry’s last music video. So why did the young weekend enthusiast take it down?

Entertainment Weekly says the reason is unclear. Prior to being taken down, the video could be rented for $2.99.

NME reports the video was removed in a dispute with Ark Music, which wrote the tune to the super-catchy song.

A coincidence, perhaps, that the song was taken down the day before “Friday?”

Selected Reading: EW, CNN

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