Snooki's Highs and Lows

Take a look back at "Jersey Shore" star guidette Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi's best and worst moments.

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Pint-sized "Jersey Shore" star Nicole 'Snooki' Polizzi has stolen America's hearts (not to mention the heart of Jionni LaValle, her husband-to-be and the father of her unborn child). Now that Snooki is about to start a new chapter in her life (does "GTL" still apply?), take a look back at her best and worst moments.
In April 2011 MTV announced a "Shore" spinoff that will examine the lives of Snooki and J-Woww called "Snooki and JWoww vs. The World." The million-dollar question is, what will happen to Snooki's spin-off now that she's pregnant?
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Snooki popped up in an unlikely place last year: a bookstore. The pint-size star published her second book, "Confessions of a Guidette," in October 2011. In the memoir/guide, Snooki shares the ins and out of the being a guidette ("Your hair should make you six inches taller"), and provides keen insights, such as the difference between a guido and a gorilla.
Snooki, who dropped down to 98 pounds in 2011, stopped by “The Tonight Show With Jay Leno” to explain her weight-loss secret. “Pretty much motivation — going to the gym and watching what you drink, obviously, alcohol,” she said. “It sucks, but no Long Islands or margaritas." Though, now that she's pregnant, we hope she's laying off the sauce.
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EMPTY_CAPTION"Jersey Shore" Season 4, shot in Florence, Italy, premiered in August 2011. Highlights of the sloppy season include The Situation pursuing Snooki, and a run-in with the "polizia" for Deena and Snooks.
But the new drama did not disappoint. Snooki crashed a car, and there were even sparks of a romance between Snooki and The Sitch. "It takes something really bad to happen in this house," J-Woww said, "to realize how much we love each other."
The roads in Italy got a little safer when Snooki had her international driver's license revoked after she crashed into an Italian police car — an escort car for her and the rest of the "Jersey Shore" cast at that — and injured two Italian cops.
Deena Nicole Cortese and Snooki made beautiful meatballs together in Season 4. In an episode titled "Meatball Mashup" the two guidettes spent the night hooking up and later smashing into an Italian police car. Team Meatball strikes again.
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Snooki had a ball on New Year's Eve. The pouffed reality star was dropped at midnight during MTV's New Year's Eve celebration at the cast's infamous Seaside Heights, N.J., digs. Snooki said she was going to feel "like a friggin hamster" during the stunt, according to USA Today.
The "Jersey Shore" guidette has written not one but two books. "A Shore Thing," in all its pun-ny glory, chronicles the beach adventures of "pint-size Gia," a "carefree, outspoken party girl" at Seaside Heights, N.J., as she and her cousin look for hunky Italian love. Sound familiar?
The tanned cast became the most popular Halloween costume idea of the year back in 2010. Many of the stars said they were flattered that folks wanted to dress-up as them for Halloween. Paul Del Vecchio, a.k.a DJ Pauly D, just had one simple request: "Don't mess up the hair, fellas."
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Season 3 was filled with lots of drama. Snooki was being filmed for the new season when she was arrested for annoying beachgoers. Her attorney acknowledged that Snooki had been drinking and was shooting scenes for the show when she tripped some beachgoers.
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Initially after being arrested, Snooki told MTV News she was “too pretty” for jail. That didn't stop the star from being booked into a Seaside Heights jail, where she posed for these mug shots. Before fining her $500 and giving her two days' community service, a judge accused her of "acting like a Lindsay Lohan wannabe."
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Ronnie's not the only one to get smacked with a lawsuit. A Chicago woman filed suit against MTV, Snooki and J-Woww for assault. The woman claimed the rowdy "Jersey Shore" gals, while shooting part of Season 2 in Miami, roughed her up on the dance floor.
Snooki found herself at the center of the season's most controversial moment when she was sucker-punched in the face by a fellow bar patron on the boardwalk. MTV chose not to air the graphic footage, which turned buzz over the show into a boil.
On a visit with Jay Leno on the Tonight Show, the self-proclaimed "guido/guidette" crew admitted they did not know who "Old Blue Eyes" was. Leno smacked his head in disbelief.
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On the George Lopez show, Snooki was given the title "honorable Latina," because, as George said, "you can take a punch, girl."
Snooki, most definitely the female breakout star of the show, has taken advantage of her time in the limelight to promote herself and her distinctive hairstyle.
EMPTY_CAPTION"Everyone thinks I have a BumpIt (plastic hair-lifting accessory) in there," Snooki told Us Weekly. "But it's all just my own hair with a clip. It's not a BumpIt, it's a SnookIt. I'm actually coming out with my own hair product line. It's going to be called the SnookIt, and I'm going to have shampoo, clips, hairspray — you name it."
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Snooks claimed in Steppin' Out magazine that a couple of the castmates are left feeling a bit resentful since she, The Situation and J-Woww have hogged most of the spotlight. "I can understand why the others might be jealous. They aren't doing anything, but they should still be happy for me."
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The Situation spent most of the first season "creepin'" girls and bringing them back to the hot tub. He even found himself in a "situation" with roommate Snooki.
Pouffy-haired starlet Snooki, of Marlboro, N.J., shared her life's ambition in Season 1: "My ultimate dream is to move to Jersey, find a nice, juiced, hot, tanned guy, and live my life." Perhaps that's exactly what's in store for her and Jionni LaValle.
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