GOP Wary of Obama's Bain Attacks on Romney

President Barack Obama's reelection campaign's drumbeat of criticism of Mitt Romney's corporate past appear to be making a dent not only on poll numbers but also on the GOP's confidence. Romney publicly shrugs off as "distractions" Obama's attempts to tar him as having spent his Bain Capital years outsourcing jobs in a slavish devotion to corporate profits. But some Republicans, like former Pennsylvania congressman Phil English, are worried the attacks could stick, particularly in swing states. "If the Romney campaign does not aggressively engage it and address it directly, I think they could suffer, potentially, a significant loss of voters," English said. Indeed, a Washington Post/ABC News poll released Tuesday found 42 percent of voters think Romney's Bain work cut jobs whereas 36 percent think it created them and found twice as many voters consider it a strike against him as think it's a mark in his favor.

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