Stewart, Colbert Mock Supreme Court Coverage

The Comedy Central hosts blasted CNN, Fox News for reporting incorrect information about the Affordable Care Act ruling.

Hours after CNN and Fox News mistakenly reported that the Supreme Court had ruled the Obama administration's health care law unconstitutional, late-night comedians mocked the cable news networks for jumping the gun and getting the story wrong.

On Thursday's edition of "The Daily Show," Jon Stewart slammed CNN for leaving an erroneous headline on-screen for nearly seven minutes—while other major news outlets reported the actual SCOTUS ruling.

"Wow, that's a dramatic moment," CNN anchor Wolf Blitzer says in a clip at the top of the segment, in reference to the (incorrect) news that the highest court in the land had struck down the law's individual mandate provision.

"Yes, yes—a moment of great drama! And like many of our greatest dramas, a work of complete fiction!" Stewart said.

After "The Daily Show," Stephen Colbert took his shots at the cable news gaffe(s). "The Colbert Report" host blasted Fox News and CNN in no uncertain terms.

"You suck at news!" he said.

After Colbert played footage of both news networks correcting their errors, the faux-conservative was so shocked and stunned he could barely speak. Instead, he splashed cold water on his face, electrocuted himself with a toaster, and got slapped in the face by an errant hand under his desk. 

Check out the full clip below via Comedy Central:

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