Stewart Ribs Obama's Continued Big Bird Offensive

“You’re going with the Big Bird buy? Still?”

“Daily Show” host Jon Stewart held out hope that President Barack Obama would rebound from his lackluster performance during last week’s presidential debate, but his hopes were dashed when he realized that Obama’s post-debate plans evolved around “a cartoonish, child-like figure.”

“You’re going with the Big Bird buy? Still?” demanded an incredulous Stewart.

On Tuesday, Obama's campaign released an ad featuring the yellow-feathered bird that slammed Romney’s plan to axe PBS federal funding. Sesame Workshop has since asked the Obama campaign to pull the Big Bird ad.

The ad, Stewart noted, was so comical that it even elicited laughter from former Republican presidential candidate John McCain during an interview on NBC’s “Today” show.

“It may show a paucity of ideas and ways to criticize Mitt Romney,” a chuckling McCain said when asked about the Big Bird spot.

“That ad allowed John McCain to laugh at you, to laugh at you for using a cartoonish child-like figure to invigorate your campaign,” Stewart said, with an implicit dig at Sarah Palin, McCain’s 2008 vice presidential running mate.

Stewart conceded that the events that unfolded earlier in the week were a wake-up call, and that the president could redeem himself when he campaigned in Ohio, with pop star in tow.

“Perhaps this would be the moment to leave behind the previous week's mistakes and outline a grand vision for the future,” Stewart proclaimed.

Only, instead of outlining a vision for the future, transported the audience back a few decades by playing the theme song for “Sesame Street.”

The pop star called it "the theme song to [his] childhood, which prompted Stewart to forcefully tell the Obama campaign to "Let it go!"

To see Stewart batter Obama’ Big Bird campaign, check out the clip below, courtesy of Comedy Central:

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