That Sinking Feeling

A fire truck on its way to the site of a water main break that caused major flooding fell into a sinkhole Tuesday morning in Los Angeles.

The truck protruded from the street at a 45-degree angle, and its cab was completely submerged. Crew members escaped before the truck fell into the hole.

Water was gushing out of the sink hole around the fire truck, and city fire crews and the city's Department of Water and Power were at the scene in the city's North Hollywood neighborhood, according to city fire Capt. Rick  McClure.

The break was reported about 5:20 a.m., McClure said.  The fire truck blundered into the sinkhole and was left with  its back half protruding at a 45-degree angle. No injuries were immediately reported.

It was not immediately determined whether this water main break was related to the rupture of a 95-year-old 64-inch pipe in neighboring Studio City on Saturday night. The weekend rupture caused flooding over several streets.


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