Walmart: Thieves Admired, Pocketed “Pretty Money” from Register

Woman told clerk money was "boring-looking" back in eastern Europe

My, what pretty dollars you have!

Cops in an Atlanta suburb are on the lookout for a thieving duo with a knack for feigning a fascination with greenbacks.

An aesthetic fascination, that is.

Workers at a Dacula, Ga., Walmart told cops that one cash register turned up $841 short after a pair of women with eastern European accents went through the check-out this month, the Dacula Patch reported.

Their trick, according to the clerk working the register: One of the women said the dollar bills in the till looked very pretty, and she wanted to inspect it — because money was "boring-looking" back home, according to a store manager.

Surveillance video showed the woman reaching into the cash drawer and taking out money before handing it — but not all of it — back to the clerk.

Now Walmart loss prevention officers think the women are part of a group that's pulling a similar stunt throughout the Southeast, according to Patch. They're still investigating the case.

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