Guitarist Slash Body Slammed on Stage

Guitar icon Slash added another page to his rock and roll legend when he shrugged off an attacking fan in Italy.

During a performance with the band Velvet Revolver in Milan this week, a berserk fan climbed on stage and leapt at the guitarist, the Toronto Sun reported.

The Italian lined up an American-style football tackle from Slash's blindside.  Displaying impressive agility, the 45-year-old former Guns and Roses rocker ducked under the hit.  The attacker slipped off Slash's back and flew off the stage, back into the crowd.  During the fracas, Slash continued to play the solo to the GNR anthem, "Sweet Child of Mine."

"It was a rowdy crowd, for sure, but amazing," Slash said after the show.  "The guy who nailed me didn't take down, but he busted my poor guitar."

While bouncers leapt on the assailant, a new guitar was run out to the front man, driving the crazed crowd into further frenzy.

Reflecting on the incident, Slash said, "It was a kick-ass rock show."

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