NBA Draft Report Card: How Each Team Fared

A look at how each team fared in the 2010 NBA draft:

1. Washington
Nobody could screw this up -- they got John Wall. They got a cornerstone. But they get knocked down a notch because they spent $20 million earlier in the day on a trade that netted them Kevin Seraphin and a mentor for Wall (Kirk Hinrich). Pretty expensive for what they got.
Grade: B

2. Philadelphia
They had just one pick, but it was the No. 2 pick and they got a quality player in Evan Turner who can step right in. He’ll fit in perfectly with Jrue Holliday and Andre Iguodala -- if new coach Doug Collins lets them get out and run. They also run a risk because Derrick Favors and DeMarcus Cousins could be better in a few years.
Grade: A

3. New Jersey
Derrick Favors is a guy who can end up being very good, but like the Nets he's a few years away. Then they went out and traded for another power forward in Damion James, a guy who could provide some physicality off the bench. Solid picks.
Grade: B

4. Minnesota
They get the guy they want in Wes Johnson -- they needed a small forward in the triangle offense to spread the floor a little. But did they draft for need instead of taking the best player in DeMarcus Cousins? Aside from that they get three more guys to stash overseas -- pretty soon the Timberwolves will be able to form their own European club team.
Grade: B-

5. Sacramento
They got a potentially very good big man in DeMarcus Cousins that could be the inside to Tyreke Evans' outside. The second-round flyer on Hassan Whiteside was a good one -- big upside with little risk.
Grade: A

6. Golden State
The Warriors get a guy who can defend the paint in Ekpe Udoh at No. 6, but how is he going to fit in? Who knows? Depends on who the coach is, which depends on who the owner is. Hard to make a good pick with a team in flux.
Grade: B-

7. Detroit
Greg Monroe is a good pick at No. 7, a passing big man with a good offensive game coming to a team that needed some scoring along the front line. Nothing fancy here but solid picks that help.
Grade: B

8. L.A. Clippers
They get the guy they targeted in small forward Al-Faroq Aminu, who gives them more athleticism on the wing. Then they trade for Eric Bledsoe to come off the bench for Baron Davis and/or Eric Gordon. But watch out for Willie Warren to be the best of the group in three years.
Grade: B

9. New York
Blame one more thing in Isiah Thomas -- rather than picking No. 8 they only had second-rounders. Got a couple guys who can shoot the rock in that round (Andy Rautins of Syracuse has amazing range) but need bigger talent than that and they didn't get it.
Grade: D

10. Indiana
I like Paul George, and he can back up Danny Granger, but is that what you do with No. 10? I know Larry Bird was working the phones to find a point guard, but the bottom line is they still need one and this is a results-based business.
Grade: D

11. New Orleans
I'm down with trading Cole Aldrich, but they end up with no picks. Not the way to build a team.
Grade: F

12. Memphis
They pick up a solid rotation guy in Xavier Henry -- you can always use shooter. Greivis Vasquez is just going to be fun, and had the best celebration of the night when picked. Can't wait for his first NBA basket.
Grade: B

13. Toronto
Ed Davis was their only pick of the night, the North Carolina forward who has no jump shot. Going to a team that wants to run and shoot quickly. Not sure how well that all fits, but Davis is great on the receiving end of a lob.
Grade: C

14. Houston
Patrick Patterson is a very Houston player. Smart, versatile, has a pretty jump hook. Better learn to defend better if he wants to get much run with the Rockets.
Grade: B

15. Chicago
Should be an incomplete. They've cleared the deck for big free-agent signings, and that is all that matters. They traded all their picks.
Grade: C

16. Charlotte
How do you build a team without picks?
Grade: F

17. Milwaukee
You don't want to rip a good defensive pick in Larry Sanders, but he will take some time to develop. Thought the Bucks were moving faster, but not a bad pick.
Grade: C

18. Miami
Good job stockpiling second-round picks to get good risks like Dexter Pittman, Jarvis Varando and Da'Sean Butler. It was nice of the Heat to pay attention to the draft, what with the 56 "Keep Wade" rallies going on.
Grade: B

19. Boston
Avery Bradley could be the regular backup point guard that the Celtics need. It was nice somebody drafted Luke Harangody, though I’m not sure why.
Grade: A-

20. San Antonio
Maybe the best draft of the night. Get a guy who can score in James Anderson down at No. 20, giving them some energy off the bench. They also drafted Ryan Richards, a name you should keep in mind for a couple years from now when he is ready for the NBA.
Grade: A

21. Oklahoma City
They get Cole Aldrich to give them some muscle in the middle. Then general manager Sam Presti did what he does and got a bunch of athletes who can have some impact. This is why the Thunder are up and coming.
Grade: A

22. Portland
The grade is for Paul Allen, firing his general manager on the day of the draft then making him work it. The draft itself was fine, although those new guys will have a hard time cracking the rotation.
Grade: F

23. Utah
I'm not big on Gordon Hayward, but I think he works well here. He can't really create his own shot off the dribble but can shoot, and in Utah the system will help create some open looks for him to knock down.
Grade: B

24. Atlanta
Wow, another athletic swingman in Jordan Crawford — just what the Hawks really need. But we like Crawford and he’s a pretty good find. Since nobody knows crap about Pape Sy it seems an odd pick.
Grade: C

25. Denver
The Nuggets didn’t have any picks so they traded in to get Derrick Caracter — a guy with talent but questions about his character. Just what Denver needs more of.
Grade: C

26. Phoenix
They have a couple meaningless late rounders. Meaningless because all that really matters is keeping Amare Stoudemire.
Grade: C

27. Dallas
They went looking for some power forward help and may have found it in Solomon Alabi, a real high energy guy. They took a chance on a scorer in Dominique Jones. Pretty solid choices, not earth-shattering but solid.
Grade: B

28. L.A. Lakers
What did the Lakers really need anyway? Devin Ebanks can defend, but he’s going to need to knock down some outside shots to really have a chance of making the roster.
Grade: C

29. Orlando
Not great picks, but they used then to get some potential backups for Dwight Howard. If they can do that on the cheap then this looks like a much better draft.
Grade: C+

30. Cleveland
Picks? We don’t need no stinkin’ picks. We need LeBron James to stay. Everything else is window dressing.
Grade: N/A

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