Nev. Man Not Guilty of Murder in Stand-Your-Ground Case

A Nevada man who unleashed a hail of gunfire on two unarmed trespassers at a vacant duplex he owned, killing one, was found not guilty of all charges Friday in the latest case to test stand-your-ground self-defense laws, The Associated Press reported. Wayne Burgarello, 74, a retired schoolteacher from Sparks, Nevada, told the Reno jury he was acting in self-defense in February 2014 when he shot and killed Cody Devine and seriously wounded Janai Wilson. Assistant D.A. Bruce Hahn argued the charge of first-degree murder was warranted because Burgarello wanted to exact revenge in the February 2014 shooting for repeated burglaries at the rental unit. But Burgarello had said he acted in self-defense within the state's stand-your-ground law, which allows property owners to use deadly force against attackers who pose an imminent threat, as long as the shooter is not the initial aggressor.

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