New On Home Video: “Predators” on the Hunt, Please Give “Please Give” a Second Chance

Two of the greatest films of all-time get the Blu-ray treatment, an overlooked indie gem, a pair of odd docs and the boy wizard are eager for you to take them home.

"Agora" (2010)
Rachel Weisz stars as Hypatia, a mathematician and philosopher in ancient Roman Egypt, who tries to fight the rise of Christianity that threatens the wisdom of the old world. Sounds exciting. Now on DVD, watch the trailer

"Apocalypse Now" (Two-Disc Special Edition or three-disc Full Disclosure Edition) (1979)
Just one of Francis Ford Coppola’s masterpieces, this one starring Martin Sheen, Laurence Fishburne, Dennis Hopper and Marlon Brando in a retelling of Joseph Conrad’s’ “Heart of Darkness,” but set in Vietnam. Now package with “Apocalypse Now Redux,” the director’s cut featuring an extra 49 minutes, or with both “Redux” and “Hearts of Darkness,” the documentary about the making of the film. Now available on Blu-ray, watch the trailer for the original film

"Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban"
(2004) & "Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire" (2005)
Chapters 3 & 4 of one of the most popular book and film franchises of all time are now available in three-disc editions loaded with special features and other goodies. Now available on Blu-ray

"Moulin Rouge" (2001)
Nicole Kidman and Ewan McGregor star in Baz Luhrmann’s brilliant musical romance about a young writer who falls for a beautiful actress/prostitute when the two meet whle putting on a show at the famed Moulin Rouge Cabaret in Paris in the late 1800s. Now available on Blu-ray, watch the trailer

"Oceans" (2010)   
French filmmaker Jacques Perrin (“Microcosmos,” “Winged Migration”) spent four years with his lens turned toward the deep blue, with Pierce Brosnan narrating the kid-friendly, largely apolitical action. Now available on Blu-ray and DVD, watch the trailer

"Please Give" (2010)
Catherine Keener and Oliver Platt star as a married couple waiting for their elderly neighbor to die so that they can take possession of her apartment. Rebecca Hall and Amanda Peet also star in this overlooked comedy about guilt and death from writer-director Nicole Holofcener. Now available on Blu-ray and DVD, read our review and watch the trailer

"Predators" (2010)
Adrien Brody, Topher Grace and Danny Trejo star in this film about a group of Earth's deadliest killers getting plucked from their lives and dropped into a game preserve to be hunted by a race of alien monsters. Now available on Blu-ray and DVD, watch the trailer

"Psycho" (50th Anniversary Edition) (1960)
Alfred Hitchcock's brilliant thriller about a boy who loves his mother, starring Anthony Hopkins in the role of a lifetime. This new version has a newly created 5.1 audio track and bonus features. If you haven;t yet seen this film it's really time to get your priorities straight. Now available on Blu-ray, watch the trailer

"Smash His Camera" (2010)
This documentary of trailblazing paparazzo Ron Galella takes it's name from orders that Jackie Onassis once barked to her bodyguard while Galella was trying to photograph her. Now available on DVD, watch the trailer

"Until the Light Takes Us"
A documentary look at black metal and its rise to worldwide notoriety in the mid-nineties when a rash of suicides, murders, and church burnings accompanied the explosive artistic growth and output of a music scene that would forever redefine what heavy metal is and what it stands for to other musicians, artists and music fans world-wide. Now available on Blu-ray and DVD, watch the trailer

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