Devon Still's Daughter Continues Fight Against Cancer

Leah Still, the four-year-old daughter of Cincinnati Bengals defensive tackle Devon Still, is continuing her fight against cancer, as her father stands beside her in the battle.

After posting a devastating update on Leah’s condition a few weeks ago via Instagram, Still has not lost hope and continues to make Leah his main priority.

“Football was always my dream,” Still said. “But when you bring a person into this world, and you’re responsible for another life, that has to be your number one priority."

Still and his daughter's story first captured the hearts of the nation last year when the Bengals excused him from activities so he could spend time with his daughter at the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia. The team kept him on the practice squad to start the season even though he was hurt so that he'd keep his medical coverage.

Still has been updating his followers on Leah's condition through his Instagram account. The young girl was admitted Friday, Jan. 20 to the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, where she is currently undergoing her fifth round of chemotherapy.

The father-daughter team is already planning on making their third trip to Disney World following Leah's release from the hospital Wednesday.

“When you have a daughter, it’s a totally different experience,” Still said. “You do anything to put a smile on your child’s face.”

And Still is willing to go to any length to see his daughter happy.

“If me playing with her Barbies – with her Barbie house, puts a smile on her face, then I’ll do it, regardless of what anybody thinks,” Still said.

Leah and her father are currently working on publishing a book called “I am Leah Strong,” to help raise money for pediatric cancer and other children diagnosed with the disease.

"It's just amazing how much a 4-year-old can handle," Still said. "She still has that upbeat spirit. I think that's what keeps the whole family going. We look at her and she shows no signs of weakness. All you see is the strength that she possesses." 

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