Nicollette Sheridan Testifies Against “Desperate Housewives” Creator

The ABC star took the stand in a trial over a claim that series creator Marc Cherry physically abused her.

It turns out that the behind-the-scenes drama of "Desperate Housewives" could rival what goes on in front of the cameras.

Star Nicollette Sheridan took the stand this week to testify against series creator Marc Cherry, leveling claims that he physically abused her and then had her fired from the show when she complained.

Sheridan’s attorney Mark Baute said that Cherry smacked Sheridan "hard" on the side of the head during a rehearsal in 2008. Cherry's lawyer Adam Levin described the incident as “a light tap on the head," which Cherry used to demonstrate "a piece of physical humor" they were preparing to film.

Sheridan asserts that Cherry's decision to write her character off the show 11 episodes later was a direct result of her accusation of physical abuse.

The case will rest on whether or not Cherry had always planned to kill Sheridan's character, the blonde bombshell Edie Britt, or whether that decision was made around 2008. Two of the show's former writers are expected to testify on Sheridan's behalf.

If she wins, Sheridan is expected to receive $4 million, which represents her salary for one season.

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