Now Showing: “Ted,” “Magic Mike,” “People Like Us” & “Beasts of the Southern Wild”

And "Moonrise Kingdom" goes into wider release!

There's a ton of new films this week--some might say too many. In addition to the big movies with the male strippers and teddy bears and the like, there's also the winner of the top prize from this year's Sundance, an under-the-radar romance-gone-bad starring Michelle Williams and Seth Rogen, and Wes Anderson's "Moonrise Kingdom" is expanding into more cities.

Magic Mike
From director Steven Soderbergh comes this romantic comedy starring Channing Tatum as a stripper with big dreams. Co-stars Alex Pettyfer, Matthew McConaughey, Olivia Munn and Cody Horn. Check out our coverage

People Like Us
Chris Pine stars as a man who doesn't learn until the reading of his father's will that he has a sister, played by Elizabeth Banks, to whom he must bring a large wad of cash he himself desperately needs. Read our coverage

From the demented mind of "Family Guy" creator Seth McFarlane comes Mark Wahlberg as a guy whose best friend is the teddy bear he got for Christmas when he was 8, one who can talk, do bong hits and chase girls. Co-stars Mila Kunis.

Tyler Perry's Madea's Witness Protection
When a high-level executive, played by Eugene Levy, finds himself in the middle of an investigation into a Ponzi scheme, the feds put him and his family into hiding at the home of the one and only Madea.

Beasts of the Southern Wild
This Sundance champ tells the story of a little girl trying to survive on the bayou, where her home and her father's health are both sinking fast. Read our coverage

Last Ride
Hugo Weaving stars as a violent criminal who goes on the run with his 10-year-old son in tow, forcing the two to confront the desert and each other.

Neil Young Journeys
Director Jonathan Demme joins the legendary singer-songwriter for a short road trip from his home to a music hall in Toronto for the last show of his latest tour. 

Take This Waltz
Michelle Williams and Seth Rogen star in Sarah Polley's new film about a young woman slowly inching away from her husband toward another man. Read our coverage

A successful crime writer falls in love with and marries an ex-model, but then becomes obsessed with her past. He hires an ex-con to do some snooping and soon both men are transfixed. In French with English subtitles.

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