You Don’t Have to Hold It Anymore

Getty Images

It seems awfully unfair that movie theaters can sell 64-ounce sodas and then not even offer an intermission. All that Diet Cherry Coke swirling around, and then heaven forbid there's any scene with a waterfall, flowing stream, river, er... Hang on, we'll be riiiight back.

Anyway, thanks to a new Web site, (no bonus points on the title, 'cause, ew), you can now plan out your bathroom run in advance. Look up the movie you're going to see, and pick your "pee times." Pee times are created by site users who supply a two- or three-minute synopsis at certain points in the movie. For instance, 30 minutes in? Too soon. A hundred minutes in, though, and that Diet Cherry Coke is about ready to hit the road.

Oh, and good news if you like to live impetuously: The site's creator is also working on an iPhone application. Ahhhhhh.....

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