NPR Exec in Juan Williams' Firing Resigns

Commentator now full-timer at Fox

The NPR executive who had a key role in firing commentator Juan Williams has resigned.

The network announced Thursday that Senior Vice-President for News Ellen Weiss has resigned, but gave no reason for that step.

Williams was already also working for Fox News when he was fired in October after making comments NPR deemed insensitive to Muslims. After he was canned, he signed a multi-million dollar contract with the TV network.

Williams said on Fox that he gets nervous when he sees people on a plane wearing Muslim garb. NPR said the remarks violated its standards of not having on-air personnel giving opinions, though in the aftermath, several commentators supported Williams for speaking his mind and accused NPR of political correctness.

NPR’s board gave a vote of confidence to CEO Vivian Schiller, but withheld her 2010 bonus due to concern over her role in Williams’ termination.

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