Pat Sajak: “Global Warming Alarmists Are Unpatriotic Racists”

Pat Sajak has some very strong feelings about global warming.

The 67-year-old longtime "Wheel of Fortune" host took to Twitter to seemingly blast people who are worried about the effects of climate change on the planet.

"I now believe global warming alarmists are unpatriotic racists knowingly misleading for their own ends. Good night," Sajak wrote Monday night.

It's not the first time the conservative and opinionated TV personality tweeted about the subject. Sajak, a former TV weatherman, also took global warming to task via Twitter ten days prior.

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"Very hot weather: 'We're all going to die!' Very cold weather: 'There's a difference between climate & weather, moron!'" he wrote on May 10, followed by, "Help...climate changing...must send money to lots of places...a lot of money...hurry...time is short...not kidding..."

Sajak also poked fun at Al Gore, whose famous 2006 documentary "An Inconvenient Truth" raised massive public awareness about the dangerous effects of climate change. "My interest in Al Gore's pronouncements could fit into a gnat's navel & still leave room for a Liberal's sense of humor," Sajak recently wrote.

Cue the controversy, which Sajak's latest tweet suggests might have been what he was after.

"Sometimes it's fun to poke a stick in a hornets' nest just to hear the buzzing," he tweeted Tuesday.

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