Pharrell's Grammys Hat Is Gigantic, and Obviously It Already Has Its Own Twitter Account

Damn, Pharrell. That's a big ass hat!

That's basically what everyone thought, said out loud and/or tweeted when Pharrell Williams hit the red carpet at the 2014 Grammys. It kind of looked like a Canadian Mountie hat, if a Canadian Mountie hat was about 92 percent larger and 81 percent poofier. Hey, if he wins, at least he'll have a place to put that Grammy trophy. He could probably fit six of them in there.

And because we live in the world of the Internet, not more than 30 minutes after Pharrell made his walk down the carpet with his date the hat, someone made a Twitter account for that thing on top of his head.

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Appropriately titled Pharrell Hat, its first tweet was just a simple "hey," but then the hat really committed to its new social media empire. And it will be an empire. We're sure of it.

When we reached out to confirm that this is the official Twitter account for Pharrell's hat, the hat refused to comment. Because it's a hat and can't talk.

So let's play a game called: What is bigger than Pharrell's hat? Is there actually anything bigger than that thing?

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