Pittsburgh Transit Agency Removing Bus Decals That Look Like Racial Slur in Mirror

The Pittsburgh-area's transit agency is removing decals from nine buses after some motorists complained that they spell out a racial slur when viewed in reverse through a mirror.

The slogan at issue is "Ziggin Zaggin." It's one of several used to decorate buses for the last several years, including "Rockin' Rollin'," "Movin' Groovin'," and "Movin' Shakin'."

Port Authority of Allegheny County spokesman Jim Ritchie tells the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review that the agency ``certainly did not intend for this message to offend anyone.''

Ritchie says the decals were to be removed immediately. The nine buses with the decals are set to be retired from the agency's 700-bus fleet within the next year.

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