Pope Francis' Top Moments in New York City

Pope Francis was tops on social media and Facebook trending throughout the duration of his whirlwind Unites States tour. As Francis made stops in Washington, D.C., New York and Philadephia, he met with the homeless, shared with seminarians that "God weeps" for victims of sexual abuse, met with prisoners and spoke from a lecturn used by President Abraham Lincoln at Independence Hall. The pope's 5-day schedule was nonstop. 

Pilgrims lined the streets with smartphones and posted to social media about rainbow sightings in New York and Philadelphia. Those colorful bursts of light turned out to be a sundog. Francis' popemobile rounded the streets of Philadelphia concluding the 2015 World Meeting of Families with a parade and mass on the Ben Franklin Parkway in Philadelphia.

Here's the top 10 social media moments along the #PopeinUS journey:

10. Pope Addresses World Leaders at the United Nations General Assembly

Pope Francis spoke on saving the environment, putting down nuclear weapons. "Any harm done to the environment, therefore, is harm done to humanity," he said.

9. Pope Kisses, Blesses Babies

As Francis arrived at Independence Hall, two tiny babies were hoisted up in the air in front of his popemobile. He gave each a gentle kiss. 

8. Pope Makes House Speaker John Boehner Cry in Congress

La policía de Rosemont confirmó el lunes sobre la existencia de un video publicado en Facebook la misma noche en que una jovencita desapareció y más tarde fue encontrada muerta dentro de un congelador en un hotel. Los detectives examinan el video y varios mensajes en las redes sociales mientras que intentan esclarecer la muerte de Kenneka Jenkins de 19...

7. Francis Meets Bo and Sunny at the White House

President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama and a meeting at the White House would not be complete without the opportunity to meet presidential pooches Bo and Sunny. 

Pete Souza
Pope Francis meets the Obamas' dogs, Bo and Sunny, in the Blue Room of the White House on his visit Sept. 23, 2015.

6. Girl Runs From Barrier, Delivers Love Letter to Pope

A little girl makes her way through the crowd to reach the pope in Washington, D.C. to deliver a T-shirt and a handmade card that said, "My friends and I love each other regardless of the color of our skin." 

VIX spikes just aren't what they used to be.

5. Stealing Selfies With His Holiness

A young girl wearing braids beams as steals a selfie moment with Pope Francis in Washington. 

Left: AP, Right: Enija Davidonyte
Enija Davidonyte posted the photo to Facebook with the following caption: "I feel absolutely blessed! I met with a Pope Francis today and actually got to take a picture and meet him."

4. Francis Leaves Flower at 9-11 Memorial

In a moving gesture, the pontiff blessed Ground Zero, prayed over the reflecting pools, met with families of the victims of the 2001 terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center and left a white rose at the 9-11 memorial. 

A Jewish cantor sang at a multicultural event honoring peace during Pope Francis’ visit to Ground Zero.

3. Girl in Wheelchair Blessed by Pope: "I Will Walk Again"

Francis was welcomed with cheers and chants as he arrived at JFK Airport in New York City. He approached and blessed Brooklyn teen Julia Buzzese who is confined to a wheelchair.  "It means that he's going to give me a miracle, to walk again," Buzzese said, crying. "I know I will walk again because of him."

2. #PopeFiat Mania

Pope Francis exited his plane at JFK Airport, was greeted by chants from the crowd and then not long after, he headed toward his ride -- a Fiat 500. Social media went into an uproar as the small vehicle was surrounded by an entourage of SUVs. The pope's arm emerged from the Fiat's passenger rear door, waiving to cheers. 

[NATL] Francis Prefers Open Popemobile

1. Pope to Celebrate Mass With Estimated 1 Million in Philadelphia

The finale of the 2015 World Meeting of Families is an outdoor mass celebrated by Pope Francis on the Ben Franklin Parkway. It is set to attract upwards of one million attendees -- a sight to see. 

Here are all the best moments from Francis' visits to D.C.New York and Philadelphia

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