“Project Runway” Host Tim Gunn Trashes “Jersey Shore,” Politicos

It's official. When it comes to style, the cast of the "Jersey Shore" simply do not "make it work."

"Project Runway's" resident fashion Yoda and stern taskmaster declared the MTV reality show cast "vulgar" during a visit to the George Lopez Show, adding that if "Snooki" is considered a fashion icon then he is "leaving the industry."

Gunn then presented his "Monkey House at the Zoo" theory to explain the Snooki effect.

"In the case of say, a Snooki, she looks at herself in the mirror for the first time in that getup and says, 'Oh my god. Can I really go out in this?'  And then 20 minutes later, she's still looking at herself and she thinks, 'I don't look so bad.' At the monkey house, it would be, 'Oh it doesn't smell so bad anymore.' Though when you first walk in it stinks, and after 40 minutes it doesn't smell at all, and that's when Snooki leaves the house."

Gunn was then pressed by Lopez to have at political figures, and Gunn once again did not mince words. He claimed that any attempt to differentiate Sarah Palin from Michele Bachmann was ridiculous because "they are both the same person" (which, he added, is why one has declared a run for the presidency and the other has not). Gunn then described Hillary Clinton's look as "her Jersey Shore style," and suggested she may be uncomfortable with her gender.

Well, at least someone can be non-partisan.

Selected Reading: MSNBC, Star Ledger, Hollywood Reporter

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