Terminally Ill Rob Lowe Fan Succumbs to Cancer

"I’m sending prayers for you and thinking about you," the actor said in the video to Alexandra Charpentier

Days before succumbing to a year-long battle with cancer, a lifelong Rob Lowe fan received a heartfelt message from the actor himself.

A single mother of two kids who had been diagnosed with stage four lung cancer, 48 year-old Alexandra Charpentier had always wanted to meet Lowe and express her support for the actor.

"It's been a thing for more than three decades," Charpentier's best friend, Chris Carter, told It was "less of a teen crush and more of everything he stood for."

After Carter wrote to Lowe, the "West Wing" and "Parks & Rec" actor responded with the video, in which he tells Charpentier to stay strong.

"I’m sending prayers for you and thinking about you," Lowe said in the video. “You’re a fighter. I want to pat you on the back for that and hopefully give you some inspiration.”

Charpentier responded with a video of her own from her hospice bed, telling Lowe that the video made her kids cry.

"I can't tell you what it means to me, the impact that you've made on my life, albeit short," Charpentier said in a video from her hospital bed. "I went from drooling over you as an adolescent teen to respecting you as an actor and as a parent and as a human being. Fighting against your own illness, fighting for your own marriage."

Charpentier died on July 29th. Before her death she had helped raise about $7,500 for a lung cancer foundation.

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