Robert Pattinson to Appear at MTV Video Music Awards

Twilight star will join Taylor Lautner in introducing footage from Breaking Dawn Part 2 tomorrow night

It's Robert Pattinson vs. Kristen Stewart for your attention tomorrow night.

While Stewart will be at the Toronto Film Festival, making her first public appearance since scandalizing Twi-hards everywhere, Pattinson will be in Los Angeles at the MTV Video Music Awards.

Where, yes, he'll be engaging in the near-annual tradition of introducing brand-new Twilight Saga footage for the screaming masses a few months before the latest installment hits theaters. Though it is the first time he'll be doing it under a cloud of weirdness!

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Usually the honors are performed by a trio, but this year, Stewart just happens to be busy and "only" Taylor Lautner and other castmembers will reportedly be joining Pattinson in offering up an exclusive 90-second sneak peek at Breaking Dawn 2.

You know, the film in which Bella and Edward are finally the same temperature.

While we're still incredibly curious to see how Stewart will handle her first post-scandal red carpet, should she choose to speak to anybody, we're betting that Pattinson--an old hand at ignoring the elephant in the room after sitting down for numerous interviews to promote Cosmopolis--will remain cool as a cucumber (or a vampire) throughout.

The MTV VMAs are tomorrow night at 8 p.m.

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