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These rock stars have trashed hotel rooms, punched out fans, and started fires. All in a day's work.

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Coheed and Cambria bassist Michael Todd was arrested July 10, 2011 in Attleboro, Mass., for allegedly robbing a pharmacy for prescription painkillers hours before a show.
Rapper Lil Wayne(Dwayne Michael Carter, Jr.) has had his fair share of legal troubles. In July of 2007 he was arrested for criminal possession of a weapon and marijuana. Carter was arrested again in January of 2008 for possession of narcotics.
Flo Rida broke onto the music scene with his hit "Low" was arrested June 9, 2011 for DUI and driving with a suspended license.
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Former Alice in Chains bassist Mike Starr pictured here at a performance at the Offramp in Seattle was arrested in February 2011 for drug possession. To make matters worse Starr had an outstanding warrant from skipping out on a sentencing hearing in 2003.
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Former Queens of the Stone Age bassist Nick Oliveri was arrested after a four-hour stand off with police after an alleged domestic violence incident with his wife. Oliveri released his wife two hours into the incident but police SWAT teams had to enter the home after a two hour stand off. Police allegedly found drugs and a loaded rifle.
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Rapper Paul Wall was arrested in El Paso Texas Sept. 11th for suspicion of possession of marijuana. Wall let the world know of his arrest via Twitter. The rapper even posted a photo of himself in the back of the police car.
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The musical mastermind behind the 80's hit "Jessie's Girl" Rick Springfield may be singing a different tune. Springfield was pulled over by the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department on the Pacific Coast Highway near Malibu Springfield was arrested on suspicion of driving under the influence of alcohol after being pulled over for a traffic violation.
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T.I. pretty much did whatever he liked back in 2003, including disturbance at a mall in Florida. T.I., or Clifford Harris, seems to be doing better these days. Since his prison release in March, the rapper has released a new single and is set to appear in the new crime flick, Takers with Matt Dillon.
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Rapper Kid Cudi lost his cool and punched a fan in the face at a December show in Vancouver, Canada. The victim later said that he wouldn't press charges against Cudi, even though the entire incident was caught on video.
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Celebrity blogger Perez Hilton reported that singer Rihanna was recently banned from a high-end hotel in Barbados following some marijuana, alcohol-filled partying. "WTF RiRi?! No need to trash the place," wrote Hilton.
Marshall Mathers was arrested in 2000 after being accused of fighting a man who kissed his then estranged wife Kim. Just another day in the life of Eminem.
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Good Charlotte's Joel Madden threw a few punches a few years ago. At a party in L.A., Madden got into a scrum with Shifty Shellshock, you know, the guy from Crazytown, the band whose only hit is 2001's "Butterfly." Perhaps this inspired Good Charlotte to write "Fight Song"?
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Things got violent and bloody when Scott Weiland and his wife Mary got into an argument at a Burbank hotel room in 2007 and threw clocks and phones at walls, and possibly at each other.
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The Game was arrested in 2007 after he made criminal threats during a game of pickup, the LA Times reported. The arrest seemed fitting, given that the rapper was a regular with the cops at the time, for things that included weapons possession and impersonating a police officer.
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Before his 2009 interruption at the MTV VMAs (poor Taylor Swift), Kanye West showed his weird and angry side one year earlier at Los Angeles International Airport. Mr. West and his entourage fought with a photographer and reportedly broke his expensive camera.
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Before "99 Problems" and longtime love Beyonce, Jay-Z pleaded guilty to stabbing a record producer in Manhattan in 1999. At the same time, Hova had a separate gun-posession charge.
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Kid Rock is nothing if not a class act. According to People magazine, police said the rock star stopped by a Waffle House with his entourage in 2007. A male customer recognized one of the women in Rock's group, words were exchanged, and a fight ensued. Waffles always bring out the worst in people, don't they?
How Amy Winehouse hasn't been banned from every hotel room on Earth is a mystery. The troubled singer has been accused of everything from harboring drugs in her rooms, domestic disputes, to good old-fashioned mess-making. She swears she's more toned down these days. Now, if only she could sing the right song.
Before Marilyn Manson spent his days at home crying over Evan Rachel Wood, he actually caused quite a bit of damage. Back in the late '90s, the goth-rocker and his crew reportedly started a fire in their dressing room, smashed equipment at the Poughkeepsie Civic Center and trashed four rooms at the local Sheraton Hotel.
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Pete Wentz has developed a reputation for scuffles during Fall Out Boy concerts. First there was the group fight during a New Mexico concert, and then in Chicago he punched a fan in the face. Wentz later released a statement saying that the fan provoked the incident and said, "in a situation like that I will defend myself."
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During a party at L.A.'s Wiltern Theatre, Ashlee Simpson got up in it with Michelle Trachtenberg (her husband Pete Wentz's ex). Simpson hurled insults and was eventually restrained after shouting "I hope you know, the whole time you were dating Pete, I was [bleep]ing him!"
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Paparazzi beware. In 1996, the Bjork was leaving an airport in Thailand with her son when a reporter said, "Welcome to Bangkok," and laughed. The Icelandic singer attacked the reporter and after being pulled away, tried to go back for more. More than a decade later, Bjork attacked a photographer in New Zealand. Old habits die hard, right?
During a London concert, 30 Seconds to Mars lead singer Jared Leto (AKA Jordan Catalano) took his microphone and unleashed his fury on a fan's head. A year earlier, Jared Leto used that same energy to attack Lord of the Rings star Elijah Wood for saying he didn't like his band. Anger management issues, much?
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To list all of Courtney Love's rampages would take us all day, so we'll reflect upon her latest incident. During an eight hour stay at Manhattan's Irving hotel last summer, Love and her daughter Frances Bean managed to flood the floor and leave dirty needles and feminine hygiene products everywhere.
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Boy George and the cops are practically on a first name basis, but in 2007 he outdid himself. The '80s popstar allegedly chained a male escort to his bed following a naked photo shoot and beat him with a metal chain as he tried to escape. George was convicted in December 2008 and served four months out of his 15 month sentence.
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Yanni was arrested in 2006 after a late night argument with his then girlfriend at their million-dollar Palm Beach home. Nothing new age about that.
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In 1992, federal agents arrested Guns N' Roses' Axl Rose at Kennedy Airport on misdemeanor charges filed after violence broke out at a St. Louis concert a year earlier. In 1998, Rose was arrested for verbally abusing an employee of an Arizona airport. In 2006, Axl was arrested for biting a hotel security guard in Sweden. Need we go on?
In 2007, a 15-year-old fan threw something at Akon during a performance in Fishkill, NY. Akon responded by picking the kid up and throwing him into the crowd. Unfortunately for Akon, the teen landed on a woman, giving her a concussion. Akon pleaded not guilty to misdemeanor criminal charges.
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When White Stripes attack. In 2004, Jack White (charming mugshot at right) attacked Von Bondies frontman, Jason Stollsteimer, outside a Detroit club, reportedly punching him in the face seven times. The pasty singer told police the act was in self-defense, but Stollsteimer said he never hit White to begin with.
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It was 1998 and KROQ's Weenie Roast was in full swing. Green Day was onstage performing when Third Eye Blind bassist Arion Salazar rushed Green Day bassist Mike Dirnt. Dirnt responded by kicking Salazar and the two later tussled backstage. The fight ended when an unidentified person cracked a bottle on Dirnt's head.
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For a prep school girl from England, Lily Allen packs a mean punch. In 2008, the "Smile" songstress was photographed punching out a heckler. Allen: 1. Heckler: 0.
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They haven't thrown a TV out the window (yet), but Disney rebels the Jonas Brothers caused some trouble at a London Hotel. "Joe and Nick broke the floorboards of a room in London once by practicing their flips. They moved the coffee table over the top of the hole in the floor... We're probably not going to go back there," said Kevin.
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During the 2004 Vibe Awards, rapper and producer Dr. Dre was set to receive the Vibe Legend award for his contribution to hip-hop when a fight broke out. A witness to KCAL-TV said, "I saw Dr. Dre fighting somebody...I don't know if he was fighting back. But there was a guy taken out basically bloodied."
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In 1989, Billy Idol allegedly soaked the carpets of his Bangkok hotel with an unidentified fluid and was quickly asked to vacate. According to legend, Idol then went on a 3-week drug-fueled orgy, refusing to leave the penthouse of another hotel and forcing local military officials to tranquilize him and carry him out on a stretcher.
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You can't blame a man for defending the honor of his band. In 2007, Noah Christian Morse was at the Roxy in Vancouver when he came across Nickelback lead singer, Chad Kroeger. Apparently unable to contain his feelings, Morse heckled, "Nickelback sucks." Kroeger responded by punching Morse in the face.
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Following a Justin Timberlake concert in 2007, Timbaland threw the smack down on a man who called him the N word at a bar. The bar patron was sent to the hospital while Timba went to jail. The superstar producer was released on bail the following day.
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In 2009, The Kills' Jamie Hince (aka Mr. Kate Moss) was performing at the Music Hall of Williamsburg in Brooklyn, NY when a drunken fan began acting up. Hince either pushed or punched the guy depending on reports, threw him back into the audience, and then went on to a cover of Captain Beefheart's "Dropout Boogie."
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George Michael has been arrested for bathroom related activity on more than one occasion (once for soliciting sex, once for drug-related activity), but his latest run in with the cops took place on the road when he collided with another car. Some suspected alcohol, but Michael said, "neither of us was charged because we were both stone cold sober."
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In 2006, Richard Ashcroft of The Verve barged into an English youth center, drunkenly demanded to work with the children and said he wanted to do "good things." Apparently, that includes swearing and refusing to leave the premises until the cops are called. Aschroft was arrested and fined for disorderly behavior.
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The Rolling Stones' Keith Richards earned himself a spot in the rock 'n' roll antics hall of fame in 1972 after he and musician Bobby Keyes grabbed the TV set from Room 1015 at the Continental Hyatt House and hurled it over the 10th floor balcony - all on camera.
Babyshambles frontman Pete Doherty has seen his fair share of fist-fights. 2005: Fight with manager over Kate Moss, head butt with Razorlight's lead singer Johnny Borrell. 2006: Beat up Italian paparazzol. 2007: Fight with up-and-coming actor Marc Bianco, who later fell off a balcony (the fall wasn't blamed on Doherty).
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The Who's late drummer Keith Moon was banned from the Waldorf Astoria as well as all Holiday Inn, Sheraton and Hilton Hotels for making a habit of flushing explosives down toilets. Moon was also known for throwing TVs into pools, and became a legend in hotel-trashing when he drove a Cadillac into a Michigan Holiday Inn's pool.
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In 2008, Stereophonics frontman Kelly Jones claimed that while Robbie Williams was dating Rachel Hunter, he got into it with Hunter's ex, Rod Stewart. Jones said that Rod "was rolling up his sleeves when he left" and "came back after as if nothing had happened but Robbie didn't hang about." I guess we'll never know who won.
In 2002, rapper Mystikal was charged with forcing his former hair dresser to perform oral sex on him and his two bodyguards after he accused her of stealing money. Mystikal denied everything until a video of the incident surfaced. In 2004, the rapper was sentenced to six years in prison.
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The Gallagher brothers are some of the most famous hoodlums in rock history, but Liam has always managed to outshine his brother. In 2002, Liam was involved in a brawl at a Munich hotel that led to his losing two teeth, property damage, the arrest of four others, and a huge fine. Where was Noel? In bed.
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Noel Gallagher prefers to fight with words (except with his own brother). The elder Gallagher has started verbal feuds with everyone from Jay-Z to Phil Collins, even once referring to Robbie Williams as "the fat dancer from Take That." Williams responded by calling Gallagher a "mean-spirited dwarf."
Panic! At the Disco's Ryan Ross left the band last July citing creative differences. A few days later, photos emerged of him posing with a group of young-looking girls on a couch and a plate of cocaine chopped into lines on the table. Ross has since denied that the cocaine was his and said that the ladies were older than him.
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Ryan Adams has been in a war of words for ages with Courtney Love. Love claims that Adams "stole" about $858,000 from both her own and her daughter's accounts, an allegation to which Adams replied with a verbose response.
It was impossible to get the Sex Pistols' Sid Vicious to behave himself, but in 1978 he may have gone too far. Many details of girlfriend Nancy Spungen's death remain a mystery, but it's known that Spungen bled to death on the bathroom floor of their Chelsea Hotel room after being stabbed by a knife identified as Sid's. Sid overdosed shortly after.
Britney's fine now, but it's always fun to reminisce about her hot mess phase. Remember when a bald Britney gave a paparazzi's car the beat down with an umbrella? We do.
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Britney Spears might have made a mess of her 2007 VMA performance, but lucky for her, Tommy Lee pulled focus. The former Motley Crue singer came to blows with Kid Rock and was thrown out of the event. No one knows what provoked the fight between Pamela Anderson's two ex-husbands.
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After witnessing an altercation in the front row during one of his concerts in Auburn, Washington, country star Tim McGraw took matters into his own hands, dragging a fan on stage (at one point literally grabbing him by the seat of his pants) and having him thrown out by security.
2006 wasn't exactly Scott Stapp's best year. First, the Creed frontman was arrested for public intoxication a day after his wedding. Then a sex tape that had been filmed in 1999 starring Stapp and Kid Rock was made public. "Obviously someone wants to hurt me and doesn't want me to be successful in my solo career," he said.
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Aaron Carter had a hit song with the tweens called "How I beat Shaq," but maybe it should have been called "How I beat my brother on reality TV." During a 2007 episode of House of Carters the crew caught the Backstreet Boy and the tween star going at it. Aaron later showed off his bruise to People magazine.
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It's hard being in one of the biggest boy bands in history. Just ask the resident bad boy of The New Kids on the Block, Donnie Wahlberg. In 1991, Donnie was arrested in Louisville, Kentucky, for setting a carpet on fire. Kentucky cops charged the New Kid with arson.
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