San Francisco Mayor Helps Twitter Founder Kill Newspaper

Wasteful, annoying "free" Examiner delivery can be stopped, with a little help from Twitter

Residents in San Francisco's "better" neighborhoods have had trash arriving on their doorsteps almost daily since the San Francisco Examiner started delivering papers whether they liked it or not.

It was the once-storied paper's bid at relevance, hoping that the circulation boost in advertiser-coveted zip codes would keep what was left of the newsroom afloat.

However, it didn't stop the complaints from recipients who objected to the waste of paper and plastic if not the ramblings of columnist Ken Garcia.

So who do you call to stop the madness? That's what Twitter cofounder Ev Williams wanted to know, so he sent a message to his good pal, San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom.

And naturally Newsom came to the rescue with a phone number and link.

And people blame Craigslist's Craig Newmark for killing newspapers.

Jackson West figures this is where some "social media guru" scolds the Examiner for not paying more attention to Twitter.

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