Saturday, December 5, 2009: 12 Men of Christmas


I know that there are two camps of Kristin Chenoweth: the lovers and the haters. But I fall completely in the camp of the lovers. I know some consider her annoying, but I just adore her. Yes, I'm the person who watched all the episodes of Kristin that aired. So 12 Men of Christmas has been on my must-DVR list for a while. The perky little blonde with the squeaky voice loses her big paying job in the big city and moves back to a small town. Like Hank but without Kelsey Grammer and an annoying laugh track.

When she gets home she has to help a search-and-rescue station raise funds and she has to convince the rescue workers to strip naked and pose for a calendar, like Calendar Girls or The Full Monty. It's probably not going to be very good, and I expect a healthy amount of cheese, but considering how much I like Chenoweth and Christmas movies in general (it is seriously a problem), I'm sure I'll like it and add it to my annual watch list along with A Diva's Christmas Carol.

12 Men of Christmas debuts on Lifetime at 9 PM. Your choices are pretty much either watch this or COPS.

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