Seattle Opens First ‘Bud-and-Breakfast'

One Seattle business is taking the bed-and-breakfast concept to a higher level.

At 7 Leaf Bed-and-Breakfast, owner and chef Jeremy Cooper uses oils, butters, and spices with cannabis to feed curious guests, according to NBC affiliate KING5.

"It's not all about getting high," Cooper said. "It's truly about an experience and a culture that's been suppressed for 100 years."

Washington legalized the use of recreational marijuana in 2012. While other bed-and-breakfasts in the Seattle area allow guests to smoke marijuana during their stay, this is the first that actually combines dining with cannabis. 

7 Leaf opened at the beginning of June and only takes reservations on Airbnb.

Cooper said some guests are willing to pay as much as $420 for the experience.

Neighbors were split on the new idea.

"I don't really think marijuana is something I want in my neighborhood," West Seattle resident Cindy Glavin told KING5.

However, others are intrigued. 

"No, it doesn't really bother me. It's kind of interesting," Laura Ault told KING5. 

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